Of course, it goes without saying that “throughout life’s journey, your path crosses many others.”

(I put that in quotes because, inevitably, someone must have said something like that, and it is buried in some old, crusty database of thousands of “inspirational” quotations.)

That said, I have indeed crossed paths with a lot of different types of people during my various journeys.  I don’t always remember names, but I always remember faces, the story of our meeting, and most importantly, the feeling that the person gave me while we interacted.  I’ve interacted with a lot of artistic types, strait-laced business types, friendly people, unfriendly people, weirdos, those who are awkward but mean well, the list goes on and on.

One thing that really sticks out to me in particular, though, is the passion with which people talk about their goals, their dreams and their futures.  Sometimes more than even their faces, I remember the passion and energy with which people have told me about their pursuits.  I love being made privy to the hopes and dreams of my friends, casual acquaintances, coworkers, or whoever gives me the privilege of seeing that side of them.  I consider it a privilege because it’s an inspiring, uplifting thing to see someone expressing their hopes with such passion (and everyone’s expression of that passion is unique and, to me, beautiful).  Of course, it’s up to each of us individually to pursue those passions and make the effort to follow through and make them real.  But for me, it’s an especially heartening thing to see the results of their efforts.

I think it’s awesome to see pictures of someone who’s lost weight and looks fantastic; to see a music video or commercial with a familiar face in it; to see photos of someone who’s decided to pack up and travel to a new country; or anyone whose photos and Facebook updates reveal happiness in their accomplishments.

I distinctly remember the happiness and giddy hope and excitement with which people have spoken about their goals to me, be it weight loss, traveling, making huge career moves, traveling to a foreign country to meet one’s goals, whatever.  I relish in that energy, because it is infectious, and I get my own surge of encouragement from it.  It’s something that, as I have learned, is an element I need to inject more of into my life.

Thanks and good luck to everyone.

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