Finding a Need to Fill

The phrase “professional development” has been haunting me these days.  I’ve been unsuccessful in landing jobs that will boost my TESOL resume, and I feel like I’m frozen in time, professionally speaking.  My plan to move to Europe within the next few months is an intimidating black cloud on the horizon.  The pressure is on to make myself marketable, and the opportunities to do so are limited.

It’s a terribly disappointing feeling when you know you have a skill to contribute and enthusiasm to give to someone… and no one seems to want what you have to give.  I’m feeling terribly average, terribly uninspired, terribly misguided, and terribly unoriginal.  I’m an eager puppy with loads of energy that I don’t know how to channel yet.

So, it’s time to get some of that ol’ American ingenuity going, and find a place for myself.  I’m trying my best to listen, grow, and make the most out of what I have.  There must be a niche where I can fit in.  I have to find a “need” that needs to be filled, then set about filling it.

The question is, where to start?

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