Il y a une année…

One year ago, I arrived in France.

Having spent a long time abroad as an expat, I thought I had a clear idea of what to expect.  I figured my French would improve, I’d find some part-time work, eat some cheese, and figure things out as I went along.  As long as I was with F, I figured everything would work itself out.

In a way, it has.  But as it turns out, my first year in France has thrown me through loops that I couldn’t have imagined, and that I have trouble finding words to describe.  Even though daily life can sometimes be mundane and uneventful, the rush of feelings, thoughts, information in my head is beyond description.  It’s difficult to say how things are going; so a nice, prepackaged “Everything’s fine!” has become my mantra.  It’ll take a while to process the last year in its entirety: the good and bad of what’s happened, what I’ve learned and seen, how I’ve felt, the kind of person I’ve become, my feelings about that person, the questions I’ve had, the anxiety I feel, the things I never imagined questioning.  Oh yeah, and learning French while trying to build a life here.

Coming up next : a snapshot in the form of a story.

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