On to the next!

French class is over.  Goodbye Charlie.  So long.  That’s all she wrote.  After 3 intensive semesters of studying the complexities of the French language, I said my final “adieu” to the university this past Friday.  My last exam was with the same teacher I started my studies with, so it was a fitting end.

Now all that’s left is to wait for my grades, and more importantly, my new visa to come through.

After being out of school for so long, it was bizarre to go back to class, surrounded by people who were mostly my baby sister’s age.  Talking with my classmates brought me back to memories from Japan, where I studied abroad 8 years ago.  The hope, the uncertainty, the naive perfectionism, the desire to find their path and figure things out, the desire to grow up; I saw a lot of my younger self in my classmates.  While it brought back memories of a much more sheltered, carefree (or careless?), naive Lari, my experience also smacked me with a bit of perspective to take away.

It was weird to turn in homework, get corrected and lectured during the day in class, then switch roles and teach and correct my own students at night at work.

It was invigorating to be motivated not by grades, but by pure will and ambition to become self-sufficient, to be able to advocate for myself in a foreign language and country.

It was uplifting to observe my progress in French, and reconnect with my love of studying foreign languages.

It was instrumental in showing me my limits, and I learned the real meaning of being kind and understanding with oneself.

It showed me a glimpse of my potential.

It helped me rediscover my cojones.

It inspired an intellectual curiosity that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

It also opened my eyes to the fact that there’s no way for me to learn all that I would like to learn in this lifetime.

Now, on to the next. Training wheels are off, let’s see what I get myself up to.

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