How much of what we do is dictated by this ugly feeling?

Shame on you, shame on me. Shame on others for making us feel weak, and shame on us for believing them. Shame on you for having needs and feeling vulnerable. Shame on you for vomiting your pain onto others and paying it forward. Shame on those who discourage you out of their own fear and intimidation. Shame on us for being blind to suffering, for choking down our words in favor of silence, for making mistakes. Shame on an education system that stripped you of the joy of learning and the faith in your own abilities, glossed over your needs, or never allowed you to nurture your talents.

Shame on us for dividing ourselves with invisible barbed wire.

Shame on us for being afraid of the Other, and clutching to Fear. For cannibalizing and self-dividing when, in fact, we yearn to find our place and some semblance of order in this hazy landscape.

When it’s now, more than ever, we need solidarity and love. Love for each other, and love for ourselves.


  1. Fight shame with empowerment. Fight shame with self actualization and acceptance. Surround yourself with those that encourage, enlighten, and sacrifice. Love you always.

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