27 things

After seeing the “34 things” checklist on Yes and Yes, I felt inspired to make my own list.

These are 27 new things I’m trying before I turn 27 in August:

1.  See a standup comedy show  BILL BURR, 11/2012

2.  Visit a new country  Canada, 9/2012; France, 1/2013

3.  Go vegetarian for at least 2 weeks

4.  Eat Ethiopian food

5.  Try jiu jitsu

6.  Work out using kettlebells

7.  Get a piece of writing featured somewhere  🙂

8.  Learn enough French to have a simple conversation  Done, and not stopping there!

9.  Take an art and/or dance class

10.  Watch a Charles Bronson film

11.  Pick some fruit or veg on a farm

12.  Finish (satisfactorily) a short story

13.  Try a recipe from Foodwishes

14.  Go to a concert/live gig with music I’m totally unfamiliar with  Los Yegros, April 2016

15.  Get a new piercing  Nose ring, 9/2012

16.  Try a completely different job  Catering

17.  Do a pull-up

18.  Eat Chinese lamb skewers (양꼬치) with Tsingtao

19.  Cook a nice meal for a group of friends

20.  Finish reading The Brothers Karamazov

21.  Travel somewhere new with someone (in other words, not alone)  France: Paris, Loire Valley castles

22.  Attend a lecture on an unfamiliar subject

23.  Learn to do a fishtail braid

24.  Try a kind of meat I’ve never had before  Rabbit

25.  Write a letter to my future self

26.  Read Chomsky

27.  <secret>


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