28 Things

find myself

28 things I would like to accomplish before August 2014:


1.  Watch 1 documentary per month

2.  Learn conversational basics in Portuguese

3.  Develop a new professional skill

4.  Have a conversation in French with a stranger

5.  Learn how to make some traditional French dish  Beef bourguignon, Beef mironton, among others…

6.  Write another major piece  [IN PROGRESS]

7.  See a new city  Nantes, Sept 2013

8.  Try a recipe from Cooking With Dog

9.  Go see a live music performance  Winston McAnuff + Fixi, April 2014

10.  Ride a bike  Lyon, August 2014

11.  Start a mini herb garden  Thyme, Basil, Tomatoes, Chives, Cilantro, Parsley

12.  Go gluten-free for one week

13.  Surprise someone by doing something special or unexpected

14.  Read a classic (or two, or three…)

15.  Master the liquid eyeliner application that is proper for my eye shape

16.  Develop a signature cocktail

17.  Learn to cook a vegetable I’ve never done before  Rutabaga

18.  Test out a home remedy

19.  Attempt some other form of artistic expression

20.  Read a familiar book translated into another language

21.  Attend a seminar (in anything!)

22.  Read a short story in Japanese

23.  Learn to make a Puerto Rican dish I haven’t made before  Mofongo

24.  Go dancing

25.  Make a commonly store-bought food from scratch  Homemade soy milk, perfect for kongguksu

26.  Sing karaoke  Karaoke party, Sept 2013

27.  Support an artist by buying something handmade from Etsy

28.  Do something I would ordinarily chicken out of

One comment

  1. Laura

    I love this! I have a vision board and that is where I put my goals, whether they be short or long term. Things also change but having this vision board has helped me so much in keeping on my path towards a full time career in the performing arts 🙂
    So happy you have posted again! I miss you and love reading what you have to say 🙂

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