29 Things

29 things:  some small, some more substantial…  The aim is growth and enjoying life.  Even if it takes me longer than a year, here is my new list of yearly goals.

1.  Donate to a non-profit organization

2.  Learn how to make a good tajine

3.  See a new city  Lyon

4.  Cook with a spice I’ve never used before Ras-el-hanout (yeah, I know it’s a spice MIX, but I’m counting it anyway!)

5.  Try an alcohol I’ve never had before  Ciucas, Romanian eau de vie

6.  Have a pajeon night on a rainy evening, for old time’s sake  Complete with Korean alcohol

7.  Write a recipe for a guilty pleasure food  NOMNOM SO MUCH FOOD

8.  Draw and send a postcard

9.  Take a cooking class

10.  Write to someone whose work I enjoy and respect

11.  Learn to make gamjatang

12.  Make a ‘home’ board

13.  Make something by hand  Crocheted neck warmer, diy reversible purse!

14.  Go to a yoga class

15.  Complete the Michel Tomas Spanish lessons

16.  Put myself in a situation where I can use my Spanish  Spain (Burgos and Donostia), summer 2016

17.  Learn to drive standard transmission

18.  Give myself a funky nail art manicure (After quitting nailbiting after 20+ years, I’ve got a whole new canvas to play with.)

19.  Learn to make another type of dumpling (I’ve got gyoza down pat.  Need to broaden my dumpling skills!)  Crab rangoon–not very fancy, but OH so deliciou!

20.  Start my food blog  Got a bigger, better idea in mind…

21.  Develop my own recipes for sofrito and recaito, using ingredients I can find in France

22.  Make a batch of pasteles (with a nice, soft masa!)  DONE.  Xmas 2014, what a labor of love.

23.  Do a Zentangle exercise

24.  Read and discuss an article in French, without the use of a dictionary

25.  Try my hand at food photography  For my entry in the Passport and Plate competition, June 2016

26.  Learn a few basic guitar chords

27.  Make something out of clay

28.  Go to a festival  Local Anjou wine festival, Chalonnes-sur-Loire

29.  <?>

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