30 Things

1.  Sew something  I made a wallet!

2.  Make a piece of jewelry

3.  Try doing yoga every morning for one week

4.  Cook a dessert from fresh fruit  Pear slices wrapped in pastry with cinnamon-sugar butter, nuts, golden raisins  (WIN)

5.  See another city or region of France  Basque country, summer 2016

6.  Pull an all-nighter in a big city, for old time’s sake

7.  Revisit my childhood favorite foods: olive pancakes, homemade mac and cheese, twice baked potatoes, hashbrowns, raspberry waffles (YUM. Fresh raspberries are better than frozen for waffles, though…)

8.  Make bread from scratch from a homemade starter

9.  Do part of the Loire en Vélo

10.  Make a decent Thai green curry

11.  Participate in a language exchange/polyglot event

10.  Make a Japanese hot pot meal on a cold day

11.  Watch a standup comedy special in French

12.  Find an excuse to wear a costume

13.  Go somewhere in France through a rideshare (aka covoiturage)

14.  Go somewhere in the winter where I can play in the snow (sadly, it doesn’t [really] snow here in Anjou)

15.  Visit an island

16.  Discover/learn about the Basque and Breton languages (A bit of Basque: kaixo!)

17.  Learn to properly brew different kinds of loose-leaf tea

18.  Tapas: learn about ingredients/preparation of typical dishes.  Then eat a lot of them.  Summer vacation, San Sebastian (Donostia), summer 2016

19.  Have a conversation with an elderly person that I don’t know

20.  Go to a cabaret in Paris

21.  Listen to a classic album that I have never heard before (but perhaps should have, a long time ago)

22.  Develop a recipe for homemade sazon

23.  Learn a few basic greetings in Arabic

24.  Read The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

25.  Write a poem

26.  Look at the view from a mountaintop

27.  Make a pot of sancocho (first, learn the recipe from my grandmother)

28.  Trace the European part of my ancestry

29.  Launch the next part of my blog

30.  Make an itinerary for my dream trip to Puerto Rico

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