31 Things

  1. Spend a weekend in a snowy place
  2. Visit a large Christmas market in France
  3. Take a series of photos with a disposable camera, for old time’s sake
  4. Make a pot of fondue on a cold day
  5. Go to the UK
  6. Draw a complete landscape in watercolor/pencil
  7. Draw a self portrait
  8. Enter a writing contest
  9. Post a poem
  10. Learn to make a flower crown
  11. Have a food photo shoot
  12. Try Geocaching
  13. Spend a night in a yurt
  14. Visit a Japanese garden
  15. Go to the Premiers Plans film festival in Angers
  16. Sew a piece of clothing
  17. Spend a day in Nantes by myself
  18. Read the Constitution
  19. Visit a troglodyte restaurant in the Loire Valley to eat fouasse
  20. Write a humor piece
  21. Make a tiered cake
  22. Make a perfect batch of mulled wine
  23. Try a new type of cuisine
  24. Learn how to properly apply makeup (foundation? pressed powder? primer? eyebrow powder? I’m lost!)
  25. Conduct an interview with an elder
  26. Go snowshoeing
  27. Create my own spice mix
  28. Read a French classic (in French, of course!)
  29. Discover a classic author whose work I appreciate
  30. Listen to/watch a talk or interview with a public figure that I don’t agree with
  31. Finish my book