[Larisanjou = Lari + sanjou 参上]
“Lari is here”

Portrait and Banner Photos by Marion Houmeau

I’m Lari Burgos, aka. Larisanjou. I’m an interdisciplinary artist and writer originally from New England (United States), now living in the Loire Valley, France. I am a daughter of the Puerto Rican diaspora.

My art is expressive, inspired by my sense of curiosity, and often bright and colorful. I explore questions around the feminine, identity, emotional landscapes, and the surreal world of dreams. I work mainly in watercolor, but I also enjoy complementary processes including: cyanotype, papermaking, and bookbinding.

My digital storytelling approach involves my visual art practice, writing and illustrating RENDERED, and using Youtube and Instagram to document my creative process and my artistic journey.



RENDERED Newsletter (est. 2021) is a fusion of food, history, and art: richly illustrated food history essays, delivered monthly. In my essays, food and history often intersect with personal anecdotes and other wide-ranging subjects like food science, linguistics, feminism, the legacy of colonialism, and more.