language enthusiast, artist, home cook, aspiring Renaissance woman

[sanjou 参上]
Japanese: calling on, visiting

Lari calling/Lari was here

[larisanjou is?]
a place to keep the stuff I’ve made

[published/featured essays]
“What’s the Opposite of a Coconut?” Killing the Angel Vol. II (2013)
Suitcase NuyoricanHispanecdotes (2017)
Language BarrierHispanecdotes (2017)


  1. I think you know yourself better than most people know themselves. I especially appreciated the line in your blog where you waste too much time overthinking everything instead of just doing it. We are sometimes overcareful about expanding our horizons for fear of failure that we forget the beauty of the journey is the journey itself and not just getting there. As always I am so proud of you and all you do. You are living the adventure! Keep the joy! xxxxxooooo

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